MedSoft offers more than simply technological support and advice in the implementation of new advances in IT. Our knowledge and expertise provides new opportunities to utilise best-of-breed technologies and resources from around the world to support eHealth systems implementation.

Our service-oriented architecture and processes are customised to the needs of the Healthcare industry and the current regulations according to Australian law (including, but not limited to, DICOM, HIPAA, HL7 and 21 CFR 11 standards). The integration of all-inclusive, state-of-the-art Healthcare systems includes:

With the increase in demand for heavy imaging in Healthcare systems, our technologies are able to perfect the extraction of useful information from bi-dimensional and three-dimensional graphic formats. Our use of imagery analysis excels in bringing the best technology and tools to the market across all DICOM-format images, including:

Through the development of advanced Adaptive Streaming technology and low-footprint ‘ultra-thin clients’, instant mobile and remote access to images and other patient data is readily obtainable. As a light ‘application layer’ that integrates into all PACS and EMR systems, MedSoft provides complete mobility, giving clinicians instant access to DICOM-quality images and reports at any location at any time and on any PC, laptop, smart phone or notebook, inside or outside the healthcare environment.


Testing & Compliance service


MedSoft offers extensive HL7 testing programs, providing the knowledge and understanding to guide the healthcare industry through the successful implementation of HL7 standards.

We offer:

On completion of the HL7 testing compliance we’ll provide:


Medsoft offers a wide range of DICOM testing and compliance projects.

We offer: